The Second House in Astrology: Your Finances and Values

The second house is one of the most important houses in astrology. It governs your finances, possessions, sense of self-worth, and values. Understanding the meaning and significance of the second house provides insight into how you generate income, manage money, and find value in life.

What is the Second House?

In astrology, there are 12 houses that make up the horoscope wheel. Each house represents a specific area of life. The second house specifically rules over finances, possessions, self-esteem, and personal values. It’s opposite the 8th house, which rules shared resources, while the second house governs resources you own outright.

The second house is also associated with your inherent talents and earning potential. The sign on the cusp and any planets placed here greatly influence how you make money and what you find valuable.


The condition of the second house reveals a lot about your financial situation. If it’s strong in your chart, you likely earn money with relative ease. If it’s weak, you may struggle with cash flow and saving.

The sign on the cusp of the second house influences your financial style. For example, Taurus here indicates a steady, stable income while Libra can point to earnings through partnerships. The house ruler’s placement also shapes your earning ability and relationship with money.

Any planets in the second house affect how you make money. For example, Venus may bring earnings through beauty, art, or luxury goods; Mars could indicate entrepreneurship or high-energy sales; Saturn often brings discipline and patience in building wealth slowly over time.


The second house rules tangible possessions and material goods. The more planets placed here, the more importance you place on what you own. With few planets, you’re less concerned with possessions.

The condition of the second house and sign/planets here reveal what kinds of items you value. For example, Venus could point to fine art and jewelry, Moon to sentimental items, Mercury to books and technology.

Luxury possessions may be important with Taurus on the second house cusp, while intellectual stimuli motivate Gemini. Take note of the second house when examining what possessions bring you joy.


Your personal value system is shaped by the second house. Planets here, especially Venus and Jupiter, show what you inherently value in life beyond just material goods.

For example, Venus could point to valuing beauty, nature, and harmony; Jupiter to seeking knowledge, truth, and meaning. Saturn here values integrity, responsibility, and longevity.

The sign on your second house cusp also shapes values. Taurus values stability and enjoying the pleasures of life. Scorpio pursues intensity and deeper meaning. Discovering your values helps you live an authentic, meaningful life.


The second house governs your self-esteem and how you value your innate talents and abilities. It shows your level of self-confidence and any issues around deservingness or self-image.

People with a weakened second house often underestimate their self-worth or have low self-esteem. But planets here, especially Jupiter, Venus, or Sun, boost self-confidence. Taurus lends steady self-assurance, while Leo radiates a bold, spirited self-image.

Overall, the condition of the second house in your chart reveals your relationship with your sense of value and worthiness. Recognizing self-limiting beliefs can help overcome low self-esteem.

Determining Your Second House

To interpret your second house, you’ll need your accurate birth time, date, and place. This information generates your natal chart, a map of the zodiac at your exact moment of birth.

The houses in your chart correspond to different zodiac signs at certain degrees along the ecliptic. The second house cusp will land somewhere in the range of Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, or Leo in most charts.

Online chart generators like can instantly create your natal chart. Or consult an astrologer who can delineate the meaning of your specific second house based on the full chart context.

Unlocking the secrets of the second house allows you to better understand yourself on a deeper, more intimate level. Determining your financial habits, possessions, values, and self-concept through the lens of astrology is truly illuminating. Use the insight from your second house to find greater purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in life.

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